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"Trying" to be the Super Mom (or Dad)

Working, cleaning, cooking, mom-ing, wife-ing, etc... Life can get busy and complicated quite quickly and the days are just not long enough. We all strive to be that "Super Mom" on the outside as the rest of the world views our parenting, in reality, the idea of "Super Mom" only exists in our minds. This can be a burdened and detrimental mindset, but we could turn it to a positive. The Negative: we put so much pressure on ourselves to do it all, and make everything the best in hopes of living up to the expectations we set. Positive: We do our best, and are satisfied and proud of the moms we are as we grow happy, healthy children.

Being a super mom is a mindset. Intentional, well-thought and reflective. It sounds more complex than it really is. Here's how I try to be my own version of a Super Mom.

Be Organized Be Prepared

We plan the week and are aware of what's going on before the week even starts. Sunday night is the night Lucas and I come together and communicate what we have going on. Or at least we try. We're not perfect. But it does help us be mentally prepared, our schedules will be straight, no surprises. This also includes meal planning, when we're getting groceries, and what day E is going to Grammy's house.

Have a Flexible Routine

Since having our little E, our evenings run pretty much the same and we stick to the same routine. Babies, kids (and adults) thrive on routine. There's comfort in the predictable. Granted not everything in life is predictable so sometimes you just have to go with the flow a bit.

Prioritize the chores (as in don't do all the chores)

Hear me out. It's good to get chores done, but trying to do all the chores all in one evening will take way too much of your evening. Each day we do a general tidying up, because I can't stand a messy house, but I'm not scrubbing the bathroom on a Tuesday night (that's more of a weekend thing).

Prioritize your family

I'm not opposed to doing what needs to be done because sometimes there's no way around it. But when it comes to deep cleaning versus playing with my baby. The baby is going to win. It's the quintessential idea that you won't regret spending more time with your kiddo but you may regret choosing the non-essentials over your kiddo.

Prioritize you

Parenting is a lot. Especially new parenting. Sometimes y'all just need a break. If I'm overwhelmed, tired from work and just need a break. Lucas does not hesitate to make me take a nap. I can't be a great mama if I'm a crabby mama. Parenting is definitely a teamwork gig, but sometimes you just got to be you, hand over the baby and wish dad good luck.

I'm not a perfect mom. Neither are you. But I am a super mom, purely because I believe I am. I'm trying my best and doing what's best for E and that's what's most important. Being that super mom isn't all about being able to do it all nor is it not fulfilling responsibilities with the excuse that I must spend all my spare time with my kiddo. It's not realistic, but it is a fun balance in between. I will do (some) of my work and I will prioritize my child because she's awesome.

Tell me how you live that Super Mom life.

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