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Top 10 Quick and Easy Weeknight Dinner Recipes

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Everyone knows that making a complete meal on a busy weeknight can be kind of the worst.

No one wants to spend more than an hour in the kitchen preparing a fabulous, healthy, well-balanced, gourmet looking meal that you know your family is just going to devour in 15 minutes. It's time better spent on things you rather get done or just time spent with the munchkins.

We're with you and we're here to help.

We've complied a list of our go-to QUICK and EASY meals that we use on those busy weeknights or the nights we just don't feel like putting a lot of effort in.

Before we start, I have to tell you the secret to making weeknight suppertime way less stressful.

Meal planning.

It's the best. We meal plan a week at a time. We started it shortly after we got married, and continued with it religiously so now it's just a normal routine. We plan a meal for every night of the week and take into consideration what we have going on that week and then we only get the groceries for what we need that week. It's great. Learn more about it in my post here.

**Also! Check out this wonderful (FREE) Printable Grocery List with meal plan section included **

Back to the list. This list is comprised of main entree ideas. Within the section will be suggestions of sides that we like to pair to make your meal well rounded and well balanced.

Here it is:

1. Spicy Chicken Pasta

One of our favs, especially if you love pasta but want to step out of your cream/red sauce box. This is a sweet and spicy combination that's pretty easy to alter to your own tastebuds. For example, if you're not a super spicy fan, ease up on the pepper flakes.

Serve with: Salad and/or a veggie

2. Chicken Fajitas

Authentic Mexican food critics bear with me, this probably isn't the most accurate version of fajita really, but that's what we call it.

Serve with: Veggie or Chips/Salsa

3. Custom Wraps

Appease all the pick eaters in your house. This is one is full of choices.

Serve with: Chips and Fruit

4. The Best Marinated Pork Chops

This recipe is great because chances are you have all the ingredients already in your kitchen. It takes 5 minutes to put together so you can make it now and grill it up later.

Serve with: Parmesan roasted potatoes and a veggie

5. Tater-tot Hot dish

Classic Minnesota hot dish in a casserole pan right here. Or if you're feeling crazy, we cook and bake everything right in our cast iron skillet to make clean up breezy.

Serve with: Salad or a veggie

6. Meat Kababs and Naan

Another easy peasy meal you can easily customize with your favorite ingredients. Typical we go with the Hawaiian BBQ style.

Serve with: Veggies!

7. (Elevated) BLT's

And when I say elevated, I mean we added more than just bacon, lettuce and tomato. Avocado. We added avocado, but only if we hit the 1 in 10 chance it's perfectly ripe on the night we want to eat it. Serve with: Chips and Fruit

8. Chicken Tetrazzini

I must confess this is a bit more time consuming than the rest of this list but besides being fairly easy to make, it's one you can make ahead of time and keep in the fridge or even through it in the freezer for later. ( Could also be made with turkey)

Serve with: Salad + Bread

9. Chicken and Rice Bake

While this takes a bit longer to bake, it is literally a dump and bake ordeal which makes it the essence of easy and quick.

Serve with: Salad or veggies

10. Hawaiian Bacon Burgers

An easy and elevated take on the plain ole burger using simple ingredients. Time to take a baby step out of the box with this one.

Serve with: Fries + fruit


Frozen Pizza. Let's be honest. We're not below the occasionally frozen pizza. It works in a pinch.

There it is. A list of some great meal ideas for your family to try tomorrow! Or add it to next weeks meal plan. Seriously. Get a meal plan.

Don't Forget!

Get your Free Grocery List + Meal Planning Printable to make those weeknight meal preps even that much more breezy.

Check out other freebies here.

Why not make your life easier?

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