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Our Top 10 Movies to watch at your next Movie Night

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

We love movies!

We love a good ole movie night with the snacks and the soda and the cozy blankets. A movie night is where it's at in our house.

We also don't waste our time watching crummy movies, which is why it sometimes takes a solid 30 minutes scrolling through our streaming services to find a good one.

So we did some of the hard work for you! Here's a list of our Top Ten favorite movies to try at your next movie night!

Lucas' Picks:

1. Saving Private Ryan

A movie of bravery, courage, sacrifice, loyalty and Tom Hanks

2. The Lion King

The childhood classic, whether animated or the new real life version. Spoiler: the dad dies.

3. Star Wars ( Revenge of the Sith)

Who doesn't love a good syfy plus you'll be humming some John Williams all day.

4. Lord of the Rings ( Return of the King)

Wizards. Elves. Hobbits. Ghosts. Mega-elephants (probably not what they are called).

5. Independence Day

Aliens, spaceships, action and Will Smith. A mans-man movie (but ladies are welcome).

Kate's Picks

1. Batman (The Dark Knight Rises)

The only Batman series worth watching. #ChristianBale. An intense and intriguing story with all the action goodness.

2. Miss Congeniality

For one who is really not into the Rom/com genre, this is the Rom/com for you as it is more "com" and just a little "rom". One of the most underrated Sandra Bullock movie. Ever.

3. Beauty and the Beast

A classic (whether the 90's animated or the real life version). Disney's twist on the classic prince charming tale by making him a creature first.

4. Phantom of the Opera

One of the greatest movies scores of all time. It's mysterious, exciting, and I'm not going to lie, the love story is a bit conflicting.

5. Marvel Studios

These people know how to make a movie. These movies on their own our pretty good, but Lucas and I are currently watching all the Marvel Universe (Tony Stark era) movies in chronological order, (more on that a different day) and it's like one giant, on-going, detailed-filled, action-packed movie.

There ya go! Grab your popcorn and get to it.

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