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Growing Together - a Family Lifestyle Blog

Our Beginning


Believe it or not, we're starting a blog.

We started this blog to document our life as well as to express our creativity and share our life with others. As we learn and grow as a newlywed couple, parents of one energetic baby, we want to be able to share our successes as well as our failures with the intent of always growing.

What we envision our blog to be is a place where people can come spend time, learn some about us and themselves, obtain advice, even give some! We also want this to be a place where you are entertained by our creative side, with interesting posts, our products and our adventures.

All in all, this is a blog about life as a married couple, life as first time parents, about balancing life and work and our interests, such as, home, organizing, travel, hobbies and all around life!

We are excited for this small journey we are embarking on and we would like to you to join us! So come check us out, navigate through our pages and follow us for more stories, products and adventures to come as we grow together.

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