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Happy Mother's .... Day?

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

Happy Mother’s Day! Enjoy this special day in which mom’s, mother figures, moms to be and mom’s who have passed are honored and loved. It’s a great day to gather and celebrate!

However, what if I told you that Mother’s Day was more than just...one day!

Woah… I know right?

Sometimes I get the feeling that these “special holidays” get so commercialized that we forget the true meaning behind the special day and sadly lose the intent and sincerity behind it. In this case I wonder if Mother’s Day, a day that is well deserved and earned, has become another day on the calendar telling the mass to do something “special”.

While I hope and pray that everyone involved in this day experiences the honor, gratitude and all the love in the world, I pray it’s not the only day the mother in your life will hear and feel it. I want to give you a reminder that moms are special and will be special tomorrow and for all the days to come. You don’t need to wait for the second Sunday in May to tell her so.

I’m learning this more and more the older I get and reflecting back on my upbringing to current life on how my mom played her role in who I am today. The saying, “You will understand when you get older” is something that I heard growing up but never really understood.

Now that I’m married and a father to a little girl, that statement is becoming more true and evident. I’m left in awe as I witness my superwoman of a wife be a supermom to our Baby E. To see her love and nurture Baby E as she grows, as well as working a full time job, volunteering her time at church, maintaining a home life and social life and, lets not forget, a marriage to me, is nothing short of amazing, uffda! She works hard everyday because she cares and loves this family, all while juggling all her other responsibilities.

As I play my role in all this, being a parent and a husband, it’s important for me to remember that love, kindness, honor with intent and sincerity toward her is something needed everyday. So I implore you to honor the mother in your life with intent and sincerity by showing her love, kindness and saying thank you for being a supermom everyday.

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