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10 Secrets to Raising a Baby in a Small Apartment (because it is possible).

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

The idea of living in a small, cramped, 2 bedroom, 1 tiny bathroom, may seem daunting and impossible. I’m here to tell you that it is indeed possible and how exactly we do it.

1. Optimize the Space You Already Have

So the second bedroom of our apartment was used as an office space for both my husband and I where we each had a desk on opposite sides of the room. With the news of our upcoming arrival, we knew one of us had to get the boot (I volunteered because he uses his desk more than I used mine). So the other half of our room became our nursery. I still wanted to be able to have a work space and storage for things, so we settled on moving my desk to that commonly dead space behind the couch.

Now back to the half a nursery. We knew we were going to need plenty of storage and we only had so much space for extra shelves in the room itself. So, we optimized the space in the closet and bought a nothing fancy, cheap, build yourself shelf from Wal-Mart that fit perfectly into the closet (because we measured it). This gives plenty of open storage for baby needs, add some fabric cubes and you have ample clothing storage (because truthfully there’s not many baby clothes that actually need to be hung up, unless it’s one of those really fancy poof dresses or little man suits, then just hang it in your own closet.

2. You Don’t Need a Crib

Lets be real, cribs can be big and bulky. Pack n’ Plays are more compact, have a soft mesh side rather than hard wood, as well as multiple sleeping height options. (And try packing up a crib in a handy carrying case to bring cross country to grandma's).

3. Only Get What You Need

Not having loads of toys, ridiculous amounts of clothes they grow out of quickly, and every gadget and gizmo created to swindle moms into buying unnecessarily will save you a lot of space (and MONEY).

4. Re-purpose Furniture for a New Purpose

I love re-purposing furniture, which is how I ended up with two antique buffets in my possession and neither one is being used as a buffet. These older pieces of furniture look super cute and have great storage options. One is in our living room as a TV stand and the other is in our half nursery and will serve as our changing table and storage unit. Both pieces combined cost me less than $90, and with a little love and magic paint they are brand new and so useful.

5. Use the Wall

I love hanging art on the wall, I think it makes any space instantly more home like. Nowadays there is so much cute nursery decor to hang on the wall (um..Hobby Lobby anyone?). While it is fun to get all the elephant art and cute pink pom pom streamers, you could also throw up a few open shelves to hold things, (books, nightlights, diapering supplies) however you want to make it work, the possibilities are endless!

6. Corral the Bottles

There's so many bottles and lids and dishes and bibs and so goes on the never ending list of baby supplies that will flock upon your kitchen. The key to keeping it contained....keeping it organized..duh. Instead of putting each bottle's lid back on after washing, just stack the bottle back onto it's shelf and then throw the lids and nipples into one of these cute and compact storage bins. It's my lazy, time saving, way of keeping things right where I need them when I need them. I use those fun little bins for all sorts of things in my limited cupboard space. I put foods together, spices together, baby supplies together. The amount of space it saves is probably microscopic but it does save me from digging around and trying to find things just randomly sitting on my shelves when I can just pull the correct basket down.

8. Skip the Full Sized High Chair

I know. Not getting a high chair for when baby starts eating food seems a bit silly, but hear me out, there are other options out there. The idea of having a “dining room” in an apartment is laughable, but we do have a dining room table set up next to our living room space and the thought of cramming one of those big, clunky high chairs into our “dining room” seemed ridiculous. So we opted for this highchair seat that straps onto one of our existing dining chairs. That way it only takes up the space of what that existing chair was taking up.

9. Make Storage Apart of the Decor

Target has so many cute storage options, like their endless options of cube storage. We bought this cube shelf and then registered for the fabric cubes and it just tucks perfectly in the corner (all while hiding our internet modem). Add a few cute baby toys and books and you’ll have a very intentionally decorated looking nursery (or half nursery). We also got these cute storage crates that fit under our coffee table to hold all babies toys (also from Target).

10. Keep Things Organized

Know all those great storage options I just talked about. Use them! Remember the old saying “A place for everything and everything in its place”? This so rings true, having a spot for everything minimizes the clutter, saves space and your sanity, and doesn’t leave wiggle room for you to start collecting unnecessary items. I got these great drawer organizers for my buffet/changing table, they optimize the space in the drawers and keeps things from fumbling together.

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